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If you´ve never been to Viva Studio before, here are a few pointers: Make sure you arrive 15 mins before the class starts and be aware of our Covid 19 regulations. Check in should be straight forward, provided you have booked a class through Eversports. If not, don’t worry: we can help you set up an account at the Studio. It only takes a few minutes. We are an open source Studio, meaning we offer all types / lineages of Yoga, Functional Training, Barre and Pilates. You don’t need a Yoga mat to practice at Viva. We provide mats and props that are cleaned on a regular basis. Please use socks only when walking through the Yoga Space and please be mindful and respectful of the activities that are going on in our space, including consultations, massages and classes.
In short, yes! We use Eversports as a booking system and you will have to register through our booking system in order to access our class schedule and make a booking.
It depends on the teacher. The key is whether the door to the Yoga Space is open or closed. Once closed, the class has started and it is too late for you to join. You will then have to wait for the next available class. As a general rule, we recommend you are in the room 5 minutes prior to the class starting.
We are not focused on any particular yoga style because we firmly believe that yoga should be accessible to people of all ages and health conditions. Thus, we have set ourselves the goal of always being open to new trends, insights and developments for our teachers, as well as our trainees and class participants. Our philosophy emanates from Ayurveda, and the realization that the balance that exists in this world and in us humans is determined and harmonized by the five elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. Our classes, workshops and courses are based on this basic principle.
Yes, we have lockers in both the men’s locker room and the women’s locker room.
Yes. Both changing areas are equipped with shower cubicles. In addition, it is possible to book massages and Ayurvedic treatments with subsequent steam bath.
Please leave your mobile phone in the locker if you practice yoga in one of our classrooms. We would also ask you not to bring food into the classrooms. We offer food for you to enjoy in our designated café area. After the class, please remember to return all props neatly to the shelves provided for this purpose.
All classes in our course schedule are marked with either “de” for German or “en” for English. If the class is marked “de/en”, you will be instructed bilingually.

about yoga

Yoga is a thousand-year-old Indian teaching that includes a series of physical and mental exercises. Through controlled breathing, yoga achieves a harmonious connection between mind and body. What should I pay attention to if I have never practiced yoga before? Take enough time, but at least 15 minutes before the start of the course, to familiarize yourself with the studio environment, to have the changing room, the yoga props and the classroom shown to you, and to get to know the yoga teacher. It is important that you do not injure yourself while practicing and indicate pre-existing injuries or health problems. Your clothes should be comfortable and you should have had your last meal about two hours before the start of the course. Yoga sequences can be both strenuous and unusual for beginners. Here, time, patience and mindfulness with yourself are the most important motto. Yoga is not focused on competition but on focusing on one’s inner self. If you experience difficulty breathing or pain during an exercise, stop carefully and let your instructor know.
No. Yoga is a thousand-year-old Indian teaching that includes a series of physical and mental exercises.
Aum stands for infinity, for the universe and the cycle of life, Namaste for “The divine light in me bows to the divine light in you!”


No. To try out our 5 class pass for 60 euros or our “Recommend a friend” special promotion through which your guest can participate once free of charge in one of our classes.
In the classroom, all yogis and yoginis use their first names, a sign of the close bond and equality between teacher and practitioner.

No. Although we recommend you to bring your own mat for hygiene reasons, we provide yoga mats by HejHej. In addition, we have blocks, blankets, etc. which are provided free of charge as props for certain classes.

No, although we prefer a prior registration, we also allow the purchase of a card on site. However, you should have enough time to take into account advice, payment check-in and changing rooms.

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