In Your element yoga retreat

08.10.2022 – 13.10.2022 | MONTE ORADA, PORTUGAL

This retreat will allow you to explore the 5 elements with us. The style of Yoga we teach is a mixture of Vinyasa flow (emphasizing the rising of the sun, energetic, focus on pranayama/breathing and meditation) and Yin (emphasizing the moon,restorative, relaxing, stretching) the former in the morning, the latter in the afternoon. The reference to the elements is simple. The elements are what we are made of, our essence:

  • Space – The container for everything. It is pure possibility and potential
  • Air – Movement, expansion and lightness. The breath in and out of the body.
  • Fire – Discipline, transformation, inspiration.
  • Water – Fluidity, connection, adaptability.
  • Earth – Earth is home.


Located at Portugal’s Southwest Atlantic Coast, bordering Algarve, it combines an amazing set of spectacular wild surf beaches and the authentic countryside tranquility of Alentejo 1,5 hours away from Faro airport and 2,5 hours away from Lisbon. This isolated evergreen valley creates an abundant oasis where two creeks come together, as a womb, to nourish an ancient lush forest and wildlife vistas.

The name Orada means “prayed for” (since XVI century), according to local parish records, as this is one of the oldest buildings on record in this remote protected region, predating the town of São Teotónio. Legend goes that both people and animals once here would not want to leave until regaining their full natural and cosmic forces. This gave rise to the cult of the Madonna of Orada (Nossa Senhora da Orada).

Orada is a family run, eco-sustainable, permaculture based, soul retreat centre, nestled in 71 ha of nature and privacy, aligned with the aim of expanding health and proposing purposeful transformational moments. We provide vegetarian and vegan catering, organic farming, meditation and nature contemplation spaces. The luxury at Orada is its natural setting, the lovingly prepared food and its inclusive informal atmosphere.


  • 2 yoga classes per day, 75 mins each
  • 3 organically sourced, vegetarian or vegan dishes per day
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Access to the Biopool and Sauna
  • Goodie bag
  • Nightly inspiration cards
  • Fire ceremony


Orada is easily reached from either Lisbon or Faro by bus shuttle (~250€, seats 8) or by train and taxi (~60€). We will open a What´s App Group so all participants can decide to group up or travel by themselves.


Our Schedule includes mutltiple daily Yoga Sessions and a Workshop or Hike, depending on the day. During your free time you will be able to explore the various activities such as surfing, horseback riding, and sailing. There will also be plenty of oppertunities to relax with massages, an icebath, or the biopool.


Between 1099,-€ – 1399,-€ depending on standard of accomodation (single or shared, treehouse, teepee, etc.)
Book by end of September to receive a 10% discount