we are the elements

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The five elements are not just all around us, they are a part of us. Our five fingers represent each element. We inhabit the earth, we breathe the air and let it flow through us, we are made of water and need it to survive, we are drawn to and need the fire for warmth and we are in awe of what we cannot grasp, aether – the spiritual, universal life force.


Is what gives us stability in the body and mind. It grounds us, and helps us to ease anxiety, nervousness, fatigue and digestive issues. The physical body with muscles and bones alludes to Earth. Earth represents robustness. The earth is rigid, hefty, and stable. It can both harbor and banish.


Represents the force of cohesion, as well as the abilities to attract and to change. It is the element of emotion, creativity, passion and pleasure. In the human body blood and other liquids are an indication of water.


In many ways fire represents life. The sun is a huge ball of fire that gives life to everything on this planet. Fire is not just heat, but can transform, dissolve or refine. Agni has the power to change solids to fluids and fluids to gas.


Is mobile, dynamic, fills empty spaces and flows freely and gives movement to our biological functions. In the human body we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and by doing so, purify the body of toxins.


It is the space in which everything exists and acts. It is the mother of all higher spiritual experiences.