“Come out of the circle of time,
And into the circle of love.”

about us

We are Viola and Vanessa. We are Yin and Yang,
one fiery blonde, one with curls as black as the night.

‘’We are Vi Va.
Vitality, Vata, Vibrant, Valiant, Vivacious, Vast, Victorious, Valuable.
We are Life …’’

We represent kinship, loyalty and the power of family.
We are sisters-in-law, heart, spirit and mind. We are step-monsters, mothers, daughters and much, much more.

We are sun and moon, night and day, earth, water, fire, air and aether. We are warrior goddesses, forces of nature, we are strong and proud, full of hope and promise, and ready to bring some much-needed Shakti Energy to an unsuspecting Charlottenburg.

And we are here to bring our vision of what a Yoga Studio and community of like-minded beings should be to all of you.

Are you ready for a transformative, life-changing experience?

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